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Looking for hard to find, world class tech talent?


There is no question that Sweden is facing a tech talent crisis, which is dramatically impacting  company’s abilities to digitize and grow. This year alone it is estimated that there will be a shortage of  70,000 skilled tech workers to meet the open IT position demand at Swedish companies. If you are  like most companies, searches for particular IT skills, like Dev Ops, Dynamics 365 Developers, Senior  Software Engineers and Cyber Security practitioners are coming up empty and staying unfilled for  months and months, resulting in significant project implementation delays.

How can Diaspora Services  help your company?

Diaspora was founded to bridge the gap in the current Swedish IT labor shortage by providing Swedish companies access to a global pool of IT consulting talent. 

Working with us is straightforward and fits into your company’s existing workflows for IT sourcing and project management via our 5 step process:

Step 1
Provide us with a detailed description for the assignment/ project skills needed
Step 2
Our global recruitment team will source matching consultants from our international  networks and pool of existing consultants 
Step 3
Provide us with a detailed description for the assignment/ project skills needed
Step 4
Successful consultants will be hired directly by Diaspora Services and relocated to Sweden. 
All work permits, relocation logistics and associated costs will be handled by Diaspora’s relocation team at our expense. 
Step 5
Concurrently with Step 4, your company will sign a standard consultant agreement with 
Diaspora Services AB. Contracts are a minimum of six months.

The relocation and work permit process normally takes 10-14 weeks from the time the paperwork is initially submitted. 

Seasonally, times can vary, but we do our best to expedite the process and communicate throughout on expected timelines.

Frank Hennekens, Chief Executive Officer, Stratiteq

Over the last several years, Annetje has helped us source tech talent from 4 countries outside the EU. The whole process was seamless, and resulted in great people joining our team at Stratiteq. I can warmly recommend working with Annetje to grow your IT needs now and in the future.


Interested in learning more?

Please fill in the contact form below, and we will reach out promptly to see how Diaspora can help meet your critical IT needs.

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