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Diaspora is hiring world 

class IT professionals to work on assignments at major Swedish companies


Ironically, Sweden, ranked #1 in the world for “best quality of life” by US News & World Report, is experiencing a major shortage of technical talent. According to the Hays Global Skills Index, Sweden is amongst the tightest IT labor markets in the world. Experts predict that in 2022 Sweden will have 70,000 unfilled digital roles available, creating a unique opportunity for highly skilled global IT Professionals to live and work in the “best” country in the world.

Come work for 
Diaspora Services in Sweden

Diaspora contracts with some of Sweden’s largest and most innovative companies to supply top IT consultants for their digitization needs. Consulting assignments can range from 6 months to several years depending on the project and company requirements. If you are a successful consultant candidate and are hired by Diaspora, we will handle all the transition logistics including:

Working permit 
applications for you and your family
Reimbursement of relocation expenses
Housing search and lease negotiations
Transition support upon  arrival and throughout  your residency
Ali, Senior Software Developer, originally from Iran

Annetje and team have been wonderful to work with. My family of four moved to Sweden a year ago to achieve a greater work/life balance and the transition has exceeded all our expectations


Why Sweden?

There are two important reasons you should consider joining Diaspora as a consultant to live and work in Sweden.

First, Sweden is home to some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world. Companies like; Ikea, H&M, Electrolux, Spotify, Volvo, Ericcson and Vattenfall were all founded in Sweden and all feature a unique work culture and ethic. Swedish companies are known for prioritizing an unparalleled work/life balance not found elsewhere. Employees generally work from 8-4 pm daily and rarely is there any overtime or weekend duty. Swedish companies are also renowned for their focus on teamwork and consensus management, which means you are always a contributor and not just a doer.


Second, Sweden provides exceptional support for all residents. While the list of benefits is extensive, here are some of the important highlights:

Universal free  healthcare
Free, top quality  schooling including  university
5 weeks of paid  holiday per year, not  including bank and  national holidays
16 months paid  parental leave, which  can be divided between  both parents
David, Dynamics CRM Developer,  originally from Brazil

I love my job. I love Sweden and I am spending more time with my family than ever before.



If you think you have the skills and desire to join Diaspora as a consultant in Sweden, please complete the form below and include your Linked In profile. We will review your CV and get back to you if any current assignments fit your skillset. If there is nothing suitable now, we will contact you in the future as new assignments come online.

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