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Diaspora Services hires the best and brightest technology talent from around the world and relocates them to Sweden to meet the ever growing needs of Sweden’s IT sector. If you are a world class technology professional and aspire to live and work in Sweden or if you are a company looking for hard to find, top IT talent, please reach out to see how we can help you.

Pauline, Master Data Maintainer, originally from Kenya

My husband and I recently moved to Sweden from Kenya, and we are very happy with our decision. My assignment with a large, global company is exciting and challenging and Annetje has helped us every step of the way to settle into our new life.


About us

Founded in 2022 by Annetje van der Sluis and Gabriela Ascension Pino, Diaspora Services is a leader in connecting Swedish companies with world class IT talent. 


Annetje van der Sluis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Ms. van der Sluis is a serial entrepreneur, who has started and run several service and software business over her lengthy professional career. A Dutch citizen, Annetje moved to Sweden in 2001, where she has lived and worked for the last 21 years. Before founding Diaspora, Annetje worked with some of the largest Swedish companies to fulfill their needs for specialized IT talent, recruiting and hiring dozens of world class consultants to relocate to and work in Sweden. In her spare time, she is a dedicated mother of two teenage girls and loves taking long walks in the Swedish forests with her Australian Shepherd, Bruno and her husband, Jonathan. And her paintings hang on walls around the world.


Gabriela Ascension Pino

Co Founder & Chief People Officer

Ms Ascension Pino is the consummate HR professional having spent the last 10 years involved in all aspects of HR, including employee recruitment and retention, sourcing, staff development, training, mediation, compensation, benefits and legal compliance. Prior to co-founding Diaspora, Gaby sourced and helped hire dozens of global IT Professionals for assignments in Sweden. A native of Venezuela originally, Gaby lives with her husband and son in Argentina, but she navigates the world daily in her search for top talent to match our customers needs.

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